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Human trafficking is illegal in many countries all over the world, including the United States and India.  Human trafficking itself is not much of a controversial topic because it is illegal, but people who are trafficked and the traffickers who purchase them obviously think that human trafficking is perfectly fine and think it should be legalized.  Others think that human trafficking is completely immoral and should continue to be illegal.  But there are some people who are somewhat in the middle of this controversial topic and think that some aspects of human trafficking should be legalized.

                Human trafficking is a broad topic that involves prostitution, slavery, child labor, and bonded labor.  Some people in both the United States and India think that some aspects of human trafficking should be legalized for many reasons.  The most widespread aspect of human trafficking that some people think should be legalized in the United States is prostitution (5 Major Human Trafficking Controversies: Prostitution).  Prostitution is defined as “the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for money” (Webster’s Dictionary: Prostitution).  People in the United States that think prostitution should be legalized are under the impression that it will decrease the crime rate in America and that it will create a safer environment for the women in prostitution.  In theory, when women in commercial sex are paying taxes, there is less opportunity for “pimps” and organized crime to exploit them.   Yet, this theory is proved to be wrong.  In Amsterdam, commercial sex and prostitution have been legal since 2002 and it has drawn many tourists to the city to take advantage of this legalization.  Recently, Amsterdam has begun to realize that making prostitution legal has actually increased crime rates of human trafficking and drug use and have begun to rethink this law (5 Major Human Trafficking Controversies: Prostitution).  In India, the actual act of prostitution (women over the age of 18) is legal, but brothel keeping, living off the earnings of a prostitute, soliciting or seducing for the purposes of prostitution, child prostitution and trafficking of women are all punishable offenses.  The government in India is realizing that legalizing prostitution is causing an increase in human trafficking in general, and that is why India has such a large problem with human trafficking.


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