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“Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery in India.” GVNET.COM — The Web Professionals. Web. 29 Oct. 2011. <;.

  • The website starts off discussing how India is a source and destination for sex trafficking in men, women, and children and aspects of the Republic of India.
  • This introduction to this website expresses it’s concern for the people involved in trafficking in India and explains how men, women, and children are involved in human trafficking in India.
  •  I feel that this is a reliable source because it expresses an opinion about the subject and gives a list of other sources to look at that contains articles and other opinions on this topic.

Hughes, Donna M., Laura J. Sporcic, Nadine Z. Mendelsohn, and Vanessa Chirgwin. “India – Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution.” The University of Rhode Island. Web. 03 Nov. 2011. <;.

  • This educational website is more of an objective website that gives facts about human trafficking in India.  It discusses statistics about men, women and children and talks about the main locations where trafficking occurs. It also gives an overview of how the process of trafficking occurs and gives examples of some cases of trafficking in India.
  • I feel that this is a reliable source because it is from an educational institute (The University of Rhode Island) and provides some background/objective information about this topic
  • This source is useful because it gives some great statistics about the number of people involved in human trafficking and specifically where it takes place. It provides me with a wide range of statistics and information to use in my report

“Human Trafficking.” Wikipedia. 14 Oct. 2011. Web. 29 Oct. 2011. <;.

  • This website is discusses many aspects of human trafficking.  It gives an overview about the topic and differentiates between the kinds of human trafficking.  It also talks about the history of human trafficking (slavery), and talks about facts about human trafficking and sex exploitation.
  •  This website is an objective website that gives many facts and information on the topic, and does not express an opinion.  I feel that Wikipedia is very reliable because it is well-known and has a lot of credible information.  (Used for background information)
  • Wikipedia is useful because it gives a wide range of information and was a starting point for the background portion of my research paper.

“Human Trafficking and Slavery.” CQ Researcher 14.12 (2004): 273-96. Print. 29 Oct. 2011. <;.

  • This article is from, which is an online library where journals and articles can be found.  This article discusses the issues, background, and current situation of human trafficking.
  • This website states that they have received many awards for journalism excellence and has been around for a very long time – this seems like a very reliable source.  This article on human trafficking expresses some, but very little opinion on the topic, and is more of an objective website that provides facts and stories about the issues related to human trafficking. (Used for background information)
  • This article was useful because it provided a variety of information from the background section that matched up with my other background information received from other sources.  It made me think of the more current issues with human trafficking and gave great facts and opinions.

“Federal Human Trafficking Legislation.” Human Trafficking: Data Collection and Reporting Project. Northeastern University. Web. 29 Oct. 2011. <;.

  • This source talks about the prevention acts against human trafficking and what each act consists of.  It goes into detail about the prevention acts from 2000 until 2008 and shows the difference between each act.
  • This source is a reliable source because it is published through Northwestern University and is coming from an online resource center.  This article on the website gives factual information about the different laws against human trafficking in the US.
  • This webpage is useful because it provided me with the laws against human trafficking and provided me with the information that is in each law.
“History of Slavery.” HistoryWorld – History and Timelines. Web. 03 Nov. 2011.
  • This website provides a summary of how slavery was in ancient civilization, discusses slavery throughout different ancient countries, and provides information about different slave trades throughout the world.  This source also gives a description of the abolitionist movements and the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • I feel that this source is reliable because it provides information about the history of almost every country in the world.  It was has online quizzes available for the information that they provide on the website.  This website provides factual information about slavery and does not express any opinions in their information.
  • This website was very helpful because it provided reassurance from the facts I had already obtained and also provided me with some new information that I may be able to use later on in my research paper.
“Data and Research on Human Trafficking: A Global Survey.” Ed. Frank Laczko and Elzbieta Gozdziak. 2005. Web. 03 Nov. 2011.
  • This article provides readers with research and data collection on human trafficking.  The section about the history of human trafficking and slavery describes the White Slavery Trade in detail and discusses the changes made to slavery and human trafficking laws in many different countries(started to incorporate children).  It also discusses the Thirteenth Amendment in the United States.
  • I feel that this is a reliable because it is a foundation that tries to prevent human trafficking, especially with children.  This child trafficking organization is based in Switzerland and they remove children that are being trafficked and place them in good homes.  This organizational website provides facts about many different aspects (history, etc.) and also states their opinion about human trafficking, especially with children.
  • This website was very useful because it provided more information on the history of human trafficking, most specifically about trafficking woman.  This source is provides facts about the history of human trafficking and does not express an opinion.
“The Immoral Traffick (Prevention) Act.” Helpline Law. Feb. 2008. Web. 6 Nov. 2011. <,%201956&gt;.
  • This article provides a detailed description of the Immoral Traffick (Prevention) Act in India.  It goes through each and every aspect of this act and describes what it means.  It also states punishments for disobeying  any aspect mentioned in this act.  This article also displays each section of this act and describes details of each section.
  • I feel that this article is pretty reliable because it comes from a source that has links to articles about all different types of laws in many different countries.  Helpline Law is a website that provides legal information for the use of lawyers and people of the public.
  • This website was very useful to because it provided information about the law against human trafficking in India.  This source provided facts about the Immoral Traffick (Prevention) Act in India and described this act in detail, which was very helpful to understand.
“Child Labour Policy in India.” Child Labor. 2008. Web. 06 Nov. 2011. <;
  • This website gave an overview of the Child Labor Act in India and also discussed this act in detail and described what each part of the act was and what it meant. It also described each article involved in the Child Labor Act and discussed what it meant.  This website also provided punishments for breaking this law.
  • I feel that this is source is pretty reliable because it is from a website called and this website provides all kinds of information about child labor.  It has information on what child labor is, how to stop it and talks about bonded labor and sweat shops in India. is a website for an organization to try and prevent child labor in India.
  • This source was very useful because it described, in detail, the different aspects of the Child Labor Act and provided the punishments for disobeying this law.  It helped me understand how important the Child Labor Act in India is.
Kloer, Amanda. “5 Major Human Trafficking Controversies.” News. 30 Dec. 2008. Web. 10 Nov. 2011. <>.
  • This online article discusses the five major controversies that involve human trafficking today.  It describes how human trafficking was and still is a major topic of many people including abolitionists.  It discusses the five major controversies within human trafficking and talks about them in detail.  The five major topics are prostitution, media attention, demand, the immigration issue, and money.
  • I think that this article online is a decent source for researching human trafficking. is a website where writers can go and write articles about topics that are issues in today’s society and they express their opinions and try to find a solution to the problem.
  • This article was very useful because it gave me an insight into the major parts of human trafficking that are very controversial topics. It provided me with reasons, details, and opinions about each controversial topic and was a very useful source.

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