Start of Annotated Bibliography-list of used sources

October 27, 2011 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment – The website starts off discusses how India is a source and destination for sex trafficking in men, women, and children. This introduction to this website expresses it’s concern for the people involved in trafficking in India. I feel that this is a reliable source because it expresses an opinion about the subject and gives a list of other sources to look at other opinions on this topic. – This educational website is more of an objective website that gives facts about human trafficking in India.  It discusses statistics about men, women and children and talks about the main locations where trafficking occurs. It also gives an overview of how the process of trafficking occurs and gives examples of some cases of trafficking in India. I feel that this is a reliable source because it is from an educational institute and provides some background/objective information about this topic. – This newspaper website discusses a story about how human trafficking in India is heartbreaking and describes the opinions of some people.  The story in this newspaper is called “Never too young to be sold”, and also discusses how young-aged children are being pushed into human trafficking at such a young age.  I feel this source is very reliable because it is an actual newspaper in India and is written by someone who is employed by this newspaper. – This religious website is called Catholic Relief Services and discusses human trafficking in India.  Catholic Relief Services is a website whose missions is to assist disadvantaged people over seas and working with them to teach them the sacredness of human life and dignity of humans.  This article about human trafficking discusses one womans story about her experience with human trafficking.  I feel that this is a somewhat reliable source because it describes one woman’s story with human trafficking and gives their opinion about he topic. – This website is discusses many aspects of human trafficking.  It gives an overview about the topic and differentiates between the kinds of human trafficking.  It also talks about the history of human trafficking (slavery), and talks about facts about human trafficking and sex exploitation.  This website is an objective website that gives many facts and information on the topic, and does not express an opinion.  I feel that Wikipedia is very reliable because it is well-known and has a lot of credible information.  (Used for background information) –  This article is from, which is a website where specific articles can be found and can be used in research.  This website states that they have recieved many awards for journalism excellence and has been around for a very long time – this seems like a very reliable source.  This article on human trafficking expresses some, but very little opinion on the topic, and is more of an objective website that provides facts and stories about the issues related to human trafficking. (Used for background information)


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