Evaluation of 6 sources

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  • This is a reliable source because it is a commercial news site.  MSN is a pretty reliable internet site.  Although this site is not very professional, I would still trust it with providing information about my topic. It is not enough to base a whole paper on though.


  • KEEN.com is a resource for personal advice.  This is not a website I would trust with factual information.  It just gives opinions and advice on certain topics.  This may be an okay source just to look at different people’s opinions on if age matters in a relationship, but it would not be a good reference overall.  Although, the woman who wrote the article I was looking at is a Master’s student, soul mate expert, and an author.  She may be a reliable source for her opinions, but not a fantastic reference.


  • This website is an advice column for “baby boomer women”.  This website gives advice to women about many different topics.  The ‘About us’ page has about four sentences explain how this website provides these women with a different perspective on everyday issues.  This website does not look very professional at all and would not be a good source.



  • The Guardian is a newspaper for an area in London, England.  I think this source would be a good source because it is an actual newspaper and has real editors and writers that write their articles.  It has a lot of variety in the website and looks very professional.


  • This MSN website (sponsored by Bing) would be somewhat reliable.  The article for my topic was written by two authors and at the end of the article, the authors state what activities they like to do and how they are individually dating.  Although MSN is a somewhat reliable source, I probably would not trust the people who wrote my article.


  • Helium.com is a website where their authors are also their editors and they read and rate every article on the site.  Anyone can write an article on the site, but then it is overviewed but the Helium team and they decided is it is good enough to get published on their site.  This may not be the best source, but I think it is reliable and trustworthy for my topic.

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