Research Ouestion Brainstorming

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What do I already know?

-Childhood obesity has been on the rise for many years, but why?

-I know that many dietitians and others in the health profession are trying to figure out a way to decrease the number of obese children.

-Obesity can be genetic, but it also can be a choice that kids make (choosing to eat fast food, not exercising, etc.)


What do I need to find out?

-I need to find out why the number of obese children has been on a rise recently.

-I need to find out what was the start of childhood obesity (was it the increase in the number of fast food restaurants, etc.)

– Why is it still on the rise when children know the risks of being obese?

-Is childhood obesity mostly genetic or not?


So what?  Research Question

-What started the dramatic increase in childhood obesity and why?

-Why do the numbers of obese children keeping rising?


What else do I need to find out?

-Why is obesity dangerous to children?

-What are the different dangers in childhood obesity versus adult obesity?


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