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Books –

1. Use Pilot to find a book on your topic. – My topic is Penn State football.

2. Find the book on the shelf.

3. Write down the title of the first book on the left and the first book on the right of your book. – Left = Restoring the Pride – Penn States 2005 Championship Season. Right = For the Glory.

4. Check out some books.

Periodicals –

1. Find an article about your topic in a bound journal

2. Xerox the article.


1. Write a short narrative about your experience completing this assignment.

 – I found this assignment to be extremely helpful in learning how to locate and use the resources the library provides us with.  It was a little nerve-racking at first because I had not used the libraries resources before, I had only been in the library to study a couple of times (I didn’t even know the library had an upstairs).  Not only did this assignment teach me how to use Pilot and find certain books on a specific topic, it also taught me how to use my resources and look up articles as well.  Although I could not find an article on my specific topic in a bound journal (Penn State football articles are easily found online, but not in bound journals, as I discovered), I found multiple articles on the Penn State Agriculture Department (one of the best in the state).  Overall, I was a bit nervous about going into the library to actually use their resources and look up books and articles (which I had never done), but I am pleased that I learned how to use their resources for this class and others to come.


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